GROW Mission's History


GROW Mission was a vision that started in 1997 and finally came to life in August 2002. It grew from one person's dream to a group of five women and four children from Westminster SDA Church, who wanted to make the dream a reality.  The group studied the Bible every Sabbath afternoon along with singing songs, testimonies and prayer.

Now, GROW Mission has received its 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  We presently work in conjuction with Westminster City's Human Service Programs (HSP), we are on the list of area church minstries and work with other local government agencies, who serve those in need.

GROW Mission  started its ministry serving the community of Pennsylvania Avenue and Winters Street.  Later, we moved to Liberty Street to reach more of the Westminster community.  Click contact us  for our present location.

The GROW Mission Food Programwent into full force on January 25th, 2003.  In 2004, we provided various workshops, and now in 2005, our Youth In Action provide sex educational workshops.  For a list of all our activties see the calendar of events.   


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